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There Is Hope for Your Lost Pet to Return Home

Easing a Family’s Grieve Over a Lost Pet

Most families consider the family pet as a member of the family. Dogs and cats are fond, beloved family members. When these wonderful family additions are ill, pass away or are lost, their family grieves.


There are things that pet owners can do such as to help make sure their pet returns home safely.

Many people have micro chipped their dog and cat.

However, if your dog or feline never have a microchip implant, there are people who care how families care when their beloved pets turn up missing. These dedicated people help find lost pets.

This dedicated group of people offers to the grieving family a search dog to pick up the scent of your lost dog or cat. While this group cannot guarantee a family that they will find your lost pet, they do an in depth search, putting as much effort as possible into finding the pet.

These search dogs, specifically trained to follow your pet’s scent by air tracking the pet, do a great job. It is possible to follow the path to where the pet last wandered. This group encourages family members to join the search effort.

This effort helps the family cope with the loss and gives the family members hope that these specialized tracking dogs will find their pet.

Families that hire this wonderful search group must make a deposit for services rendered. In six hours or less after the deposit reaches us the search starts. Families show us how serious they are in hiring our services by paying for a travel fee for the searchers.

By paying this travel fee, the searchers know that the family is very serious about needing their unique services. This travel fee pays for the cost of gas to get to the family’s location. This award-winning Lost Pet Service charges one flat fee, plus a gas allowance. If the family lives within a 35-mile radius, no travel fee is expected.

Families that have beloved pets can take some steps to help assure your pet returns home safely. Some of these steps are, as mentioned above; have your pet micro chipped. Make sure that all your pets have an identification tag around their neck with their name, your name, address and cell phone number. Never put a land line phone number on pet tags.

A pet owner can take some steps when their pet is missing.

Print up posters and hand them out throughout your neighborhood to people residing in the area. Post flyers on street poles. Contact your vet office and all vet offices in the area, giving them your pet’s profile and your contact information, along with your cell phone number.

Visit your local Humane Society and animal shelter every two days to see if your pet is sitting and waiting for their owner. Give your lost pet’s information to these groups along with your telephone number.